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New Providers Coming Soon

Interested in joining our team?

North Star Wellness is hiring licensed clinicians for flexible 1099 -contract positions.

Love your clinical work but feel overwhelmed managing the business aspects of private practice? Wish you had more time to focus on professional development instead of insurance calls? Like the flexibility of your schedule but feeling isolated in solo practice?

NSW is forming a clinical community founded on the principle that being a helper shouldn’t have to be hard. We provide administrative support, software, facilities, and logistical support so you can focus on your clients and self care.

Position Details

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NSEW is committed to social justice and taking actions to promote a culture of authenticity, accountability and growth.  We will not discriminate and will take measures to ensure against discrimination in hiring, recruitment, advertisements, compensation, termination, and promotions. We will accordingly ensure that all employment decisions are based only on valid job requirements.

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