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Hillary Martin, MS

Pre-Licensed Counselor

Hillary is currently accepting new clients! 

Self pay, BCBS, MVP, Cigna, and Medicaid

Pronouns: she/her

My approach is rooted in the belief that all humans possess an innate capacity for healing. Humans are social creatures, and healing and growth are nurtured in safe, compassionate, and empowering relationships. Together, with a relational foundation built on trust, empathy, and warmth, we will sit with challenging feelings, painful experiences, and the full complexity of the human experience. You are the expert on yourself, and I am honored to be your companion as you explore your inner- and outer-worlds, and move toward greater fulfillment of your goals. 


Your unique experiences shape the ways that you see and respond to yourself, relationships, and the world. In its adaptive brilliance, your body and mind have constructed ways to keep you safe through difficult and overwhelming experiences. Together, we will honor these efforts while sifting through unhelpful patterns and making space for cultivating new, preferred ways of being as determined by you.  


Woven into our sessions will be elements of psychodynamic, feminist, narrative, and strengths-based therapies, along with humor, authenticity, and curiosity. I am passionate about exploring the social & cultural context of a person’s struggles in order to foster greater self-compassion, build a sense of empowerment, and deepen awareness of how systemic oppression and inequity impacts one’s wellbeing. 


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